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This quarter's box is inspired by the art of oral sex. Often under-appreciated or written off as mere foreplay, great oral can actually produce powerful orgasms (not a surprise, since the tongue is one of the strongest, most dextrous muscles in your body and when put to work can produce immensely pleasurable results).

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What’s inside this quarter’s box


Pro 40

This cutting edge vibrator utilizes air pressure technology to offer intense clitoral stimulation akin to cunnilingus.



Enjoy surrendering as these luxurious silken restraints put you at the mercy of your partner.

Bijoux Indiscrets

Oral Pleasure Mints

Just one of these brisk mints will make you feel like a cool ice queen- and when used in the bedroom they let your breath take on a tantalizing coolness.

Intimate Earth

Oral Pleasure Glides

These delectable glides offer tantalizing sweetness for you, and slick pleasure for him.


Sexual Flavors

This unique dissolving strip tastes great and neutralizes the taste of cum.

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Curated? Really?

The local barista at your Dunkin Donuts also is probably telling you your coffee experience is curated. It’s an abused term, we get it. But we mean it.

At Unbound, we realize the importance of reliable guidance in making informed purchases for these highly personal products.

We apply our robust curation methodology and leverage our team of sexperts to source and pair only the highest quality and most innovative products with a dedicated focus on ensuring they can be used together to deliver you a unique, totalized sensual experience and every quarter we let you customize your box from complimentary products.

Learn more about our curation process and philosophy here.


Subscription Lite

We love our badass babes and we listen to you. Some of you suggested that while you love your Unbound box, you'd be interested in a lighter box of goodies on a quarterly basis.


Vibes for Congress

Send a Vibrator to Congress & Save Planned Parenthood.

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