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Looking to try something new and discover great erotic products you’ll love? This quarter’s ’Sex Machina’ themed box features cutting-edge pH-balanced lubricants, a high-tech touch-responsive vibrator and other innovative items representing some of the best in new erotic tech. Scroll below to learn more!

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What’s inside this quarter’s box


Bondage Tape

A futuristic modern girl doesn’t have time to fuss with handcuffs and rope. This innovative non-adhesive tape was designed to stick only to itself, making restraint play easy and eliminating the need for complex knots or elaborate locks.


Secret Sext Notes

When you’re hot and bothered by can’t find the right words, try using a card from our modern take on classic love notes which use fun, suggestive emojis to get the point across.



The future is female, and this amazing hands-free, non-intrusive clitoral vibrator was designed by women with women in mind. 3D printed to nestle perfectly against your body, Eva stays in place for delightful stimulation alone or with a partner.

Good Clean Love


The scientists at Good Clean Love are on the cutting edge of making the best all-natural intimate products. We love this sampling of some of their best including Almost Naked, Restore and Balance lubricants which are formulated to mimic the body’s natural equilibrium, and CaraGold, a new natural, water-based personal lubricant infused with the powerful healing ingredients of organic CBD oil hemp oil.



Talk about (wo)man meets machine. This high tech, powerful vibe responds incredibly to human touch: the harder you squeeze, the stronger its satisfying vibrations grow.



Power up and get switched on with an aphrodisiac-enhanced sugar rush from these funky lollipops witch a shape inspired by industrial technology and the tough as nails women we admire.



Even a battlehardened fembot would be titillated by the erotic kiss of this stimulating high-tech tempered steel pinwheel. When rolled over the skin, its tiny teeth poke and tickle for a totally unique sensation.

System Jo

VOLT Stimulant Gel

You’ll certainly feel your circuits light up with just a dollop of this specially-formulated cutting-edge stimulant gel that’s great for foreplay, toy play or solo-play on nipples, the clitoris or other sensitive areas where you want to dial up stimulation.

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Curated? Really?

The local barista at your Dunkin Donuts also is probably telling you your coffee experience is curated. It’s an abused term, we get it. But we mean it.

At Unbound, we realize the importance of reliable guidance in making informed purchases for these highly personal products.

We apply our robust curation methodology and leverage our team of sexperts to source and pair only the highest quality and most innovative products with a dedicated focus on ensuring they can be used together to deliver you a unique, totalized sensual experience and every quarter we let you customize your box from complimentary products.

Learn more about our curation process and philosophy here.


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We love our badass babes and we listen to you. Some of you suggested that while you love your Unbound box, you'd be interested in a lighter box of goodies on a quarterly basis.


Get Off + Give Back

Unbound will donate 6.9% of all profits to nonprofit organizations that support female sexual health and wellness.

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