Womanizer Pro Rose
Womanizer Pro Rose
Womanizer Deluxe
Womanizer Deluxe
Womanizer Pro Rose
Womanizer Pro Rose
Womanizer Deluxe
Womanizer Deluxe


Womanizer Deluxe

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$ 219.00

The Quick and Dirty:

Suction clitoral vibrator.

Unbound O-Factor:

The splashproof, USB-rechargeable device consists of a soft silicone tip attached to a hard plastic body that features two control buttons: a small silver on/off switch and a gemstone button that toggles between eight intensity levels.

The ultimate sensation of the so-called “PleasureAir Technology” is less of a strong suction and more of a hyper-localized, gentle rhythmic variation in pressure *around* your clit, though without any direct contact. 

The sensation of something so intensely localized and targeted will not be for everyone. The fact that the Womanizer requires patience (other reviewers have described it as a “meditative” toy), limits how you can move and what you can do in conjunction with it will also not be for everyone. But even for those who typically prefer intense friction or penetration, it is a really nice change of pace and a very unique sensation unlike anything else on the market. Contrary to many blunter instruments out there it really does force you to slow down and focus on your body, which we daresay is to the good.  

You can read the full Unbound review of the original Womanizer here!


  • Pink with rose design
  • Includes womanizer sensual massager, USB-cord, USB -charger, satin storage pouch, XL-treatment head, user manual
  • 8 intensity levels
  • Up to 4 hours of battery life


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