Tampon Box
Tampon Box


Tampon Box

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There's no getting around your period but you can take control of what you put in your body to manage your flow. We've gathered some of the best, most body-safe applicator-equipped tampons out there for you to try #gowiththeflow:

  • Honest co: These organic, pH compatible cotton tampons are made with super absorbent breathable cotton  and have a comfort-fit shape that fits your body. 8 specialized grooves regulate even expansion and improve absorption

  • Cora: Cora makes organic tampons featuring a "fearless fit" for leak protection.  We also love the chic patterned wrappers that you'll love to toss in your purse

  • Natracare: Natracare tampons are all made from only certified organic 100% cotton and were the world's first fully certified organic cotton tampons. They are non-chlorine bleached and women can be reassured that they do not contain synthetic materials, such as rayon, or chemical additives such as binders or surfactants

  • Organyc: These tampons are ideal for women who want to avoid any contact with synthetic materials.  The natural cotton fibres of Organyc are skin-friendly, breathable and pH neutral

  • BON: BON 100% certified organic tampons are manufactured without harmful chemicals and feature packaging that is biodegradable and dissolves naturally in landfills

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