Creative Conceptions Quickie Cuffs silicone wrist restraints bondage restraints
Quickie Cuffs Sale Variant -  BDSM / Handcuffs - Unbound
Quickie Cuffs Sale Variant -  BDSM / Handcuffs - Unbound
Quickie Cuffs

Creative Conceptions

Quickie Cuffs Sale Variant

$7.06 $15.00

The quick and dirty:
Silicone wrist restraints

Unbound O-Factor:
These simple silicone cuffs allow you to enjoy restraint play without killing time and the mood fastening elaborate knots, buckles and locks.  Cuffs are made from strong silicone, so they’re resilient and body-safe.  


  • Black
  • Hypoallergenic, waterproof silicone
  • Each cuff = 6.5” circumference (unstretched)
  • One size fits most


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Creative Conceptions specializes in the supply of fast selling adult consumable products and the creation of innovative, quality grown up games, novelties and gifts.

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