Period Box
Period Box


Period Box

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Periods can be a mixed blessing.  They let you know everything in your body is working naturally and as it should (and, importantly, that you’re not pregnant) but they can also bring cramps, bloating, acne and other symptoms that can make some women feel anything but sexy.  We've got everything you need to feel sexy and have great sex all times of the month: 
  • Bijoux Chocolate Nip Gloss:  Take advantage of extra sensitivity in your nipples and sate your chocolate cravings with this tasty, sensual nip gloss.  
  • Biddettes:  These gender neutral wipes can be used on your lady bits to tidy up before and after.  They're kind of like wet wipes, but for badass betches. They've won over our hearts and that little pocket in the top part of our purse. 
  • Blossom Organics Warming Massage Oil:  Surrender to relaxing pleasure and alleviate even stubborn cramps with the warm, smooth glide of this natural massage oil.
  • FLEX: This ingenious menstrual disc™comfortably fits at the base of the cervix to catch your flow and can be worn for mess-free period sex. (Your partner will be none the wiser.)
  • Sample Size of Advil: Advil can help lighten your flow and alleviate pesky headaches and cramps. Toss this travel-sized rescue pack in your bag and let nothing slow you down.  
  • Unbound Towel: Don’t let your fancy high-threadcount sheets stop you from having fun. This soft towel feels great and will protect that designer comforter.  
  • Unbound Bag: A lady’s gotta have her secrets. Throw all your goodies in this chic Unbound drawstring- great for taking the fun on the go.  

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Unbound will donate 6.9% of all profits to nonprofit organizations that support female sexual health and wellness.

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