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Performance Ring

$2.21 $6.00

The quick and dirty:
Cock ring

Unbound O-Factor:
This simple cock ring is simple, comfortable and effective. Use to increase your partner's stamina for you while driving more powerful orgasms for him. We love it when everyone wins.


  • Clear
  • Made of TPE for all skin compatibilities
  • One size fits most

Background Check: 

Creative Conceptions Ltd was founded in 1991 and specialises in the manufacture of innovative products that encourage fun and communication within relationships, fast-moving consumable brands that promote healthy, enjoyable sex, and unique party novelties and games.


That’s what she* said

* By 'she' we mean any femme identifying individual though Unbound is inclusive to all gender or non-gender identifying individuals. This is just meant to be a silly joke and we hope you don't take it too too seriously. You know, Michael Scott style.