Iroha Mini
Iroha Mini


Iroha Mini

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The quick and dirty:

Mini vibrator

Unbound O-Factor:

This lil pup is almost too cute to be a vibrator but we SAID ALMOST because, well, it is a vibrator. And at $24.99 it's the perfect gift for that friend of yours that could REALLY use a lil self lovin.


  • Pocket size! AKA you can take it with you *everywhere* (and you should)
  • Up to 5 hours of vibrations
  • Elastomer, ABS
  • Waterproof
  • Battery operated (1 AAA battery included)
  • Easy to change battery 


Background Check: 

Most people like TIGHT and a lot like REAL TIGHT, that's why TENGA has come to the party. Tenga is here to transform sex into an open, up-front experience that anybody can enjoy. Committed to realising such grand dreams and ambitions, we have created a range of revolutionary products.


Vibes for Congress

Send a Vibrator to Congress & Save Planned Parenthood.

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