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Sex Kitten

Feather Nipple Clamps

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The quick and dirty:

Feather nipple clamps

Unbound O-Factor:

We’re usually a bit timid - okay, *terrified* - when it comes to nipple clamps, but this beginner’s pair from Sex Kitten was too gorgeously delicate to pass up.  Unlike the advanced bullnose or clover clamps, this set of tweezer clamps is much more gentle. With coated rubber tips to provide additional comfort, you can easily adjust the amount of pressure by sliding the ring towards the tip of the clamps.

If you’re using them with a partner, we suggest putting them on together. Once you’re stiff and ready, ask your partner to gently apply the clamps onto each nipple and tighten slowly. Make sure you communicate throughout the process so there’s no confusion over what feels good and what hurts - finding that goldilocks sweet spot together is half the fun. You know, when it’s justtttt right

And that’s not to say you need a partner to be experiencing all this nip-tastic fun. Solo play with nipple clamps is as badass as it gets in our book. You do you, girl; clamps n’ all.

Pro tips: 

  • Communication is key - make sure you’re being open and honest about what hurts and what feels good
  • Timing is everything - because clamps cut off blood circulation to your nipples, you should not leave them on for more than 10 minutes 
  • Slow removal - the blood will rush back to your nipples as soon as the clamps are removed and they will most likely be tender


  • Pink and black feather nipple clamps
  • 5” x 1.75”
  • 3.3 oz 

That’s what she* said

* By 'she' we mean any femme identifying individual though Unbound is inclusive to all gender or non-gender identifying individuals. This is just meant to be a silly joke and we hope you don't take it too too seriously. You know, Michael Scott style.