Extra Large Condoms

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Extra Large Condoms


All-natural, extra-large condoms

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Yes, these condoms are a bit pricier than what you might pick up at Walgreens, but trust us, they’re worth it. When it comes to something that 1) is going to be intimately in contact with your body and 2) needs to keep you safe and healthy, quality matters. Not only do these condoms feel great, they’re vegan, odorless and glycerin-, paraben-, spermicide- and petrochemical-free. The best part? For every condom purchased, Sir Richard’s donates a condom to communities in need.


  • 12 pack of individually wrapped, natural latex condoms
  • Made of all-natural latex and silicone (lubricant)
  • Free of glycerin, parabens, spermicide and petrochemicals
  • Vegan certified, PETA approved
  • Minimal latex odor
  • Accommodates length of >7.28 inches, diameter of up to 2.21 inches

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Sir Richard’s Condom Company is the leading manufacturer of premium condoms that are free of harmful chemicals (parabens, spermicide, or glycerin).

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