Maison Close Cul Nu Strap Bottoms open strappy bottoms female arousal

Maison Close

Cul Nu Strap Bottoms

$16.00 $20.00

The quick and dirty:

Open strappy bottoms

Unbound O-Factor:

Sometimes you just need to keep it simple.  These pretty, delicate mesh straps accentuate you without covering you up or getting in the way of risqué fun. Pair with the Seins Nus Bralette Elastics in red mesh


  • Red or black
  • 3 mesh elastics
  • 100% Polyamid
  • One size fits most

Background Check: 

Erotic, chic, and uncompromising French designer brand. Founded in 2006, Maison Close fully undertakes its status of erotic lingerie brand and offers contemporary collections that combine simple aesthetics, luxurious quality, and subtle references to the Belle Époque French brothels. Maison's Close work consists in revisiting classic pieces with unbearable lightness and innovating with risqué products.


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