Cleo Whip Choker
Cleo Whip Choker
Cleo Whip Choker
Cleo Whip Choker
Cleo Whip Choker
Cleo Whip Choker


Cleo Whip Choker

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The quick and dirty:

Gold whip choker

Unbound O-Factor:

This glam choker delicately encircles your neck to meet in an elegant golden pendant that draws the eye.  When unhooked, this piece serves as a functional whip suited to light BDSM play.


  • Brass, 24k gold plating

The Unbound Collection

Contemporary jewelry that transforms into sexual accessories.



Regal, seductive and just a bit dangerous- this collection is suited to the Unbound woman who knows how to channel her sexuality to get exactly what she wants. If indulged she can bring you otherworldly pleasure, but if crossed her revenge is swift and final like this kiss of the deadly asp.

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