Ami Progressive Kegels
Ami Progressive Kegels

Je Joue

Ami Progressive Kegel Set

$ 59.00

The quick and dirty
Progressive kegel trainer set

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Kegel exercises have a host of awesome benefits including enhanced sensitivity, better natural lubrication and more powerful orgasms. They also improve sensation during intercourse if you have a make partner and can improve post-partum and menopausal vaginal health. Je Joue’s Ami set is perfect for all levels of experience, including three progressively heavier high-silicone kegel trainers that help you slowly build up the strength of your PC muscles. Each toy encloses small balls that move with your body’s motion to create a discrete arousing sensation.

Pro tip:

Start with the lightest ball in this set and work your way up to the heaviest as your PC muscles gain strength from conditioning.  Insert each with a dollop of water-based lubricant,  Practice holding trainers in place for 20 minutes, then see if you can work up to longer.


  • Set of three: soft weight single ball, medium weight double ball, heavy double ball
  • High quality silicone (not silicone-lube compatible)
  • 1.8oz (set)

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