Unbound Power Coin

It isn’t always clear when’s the right time to take charge and be the one calling the shots. You might have wondered why we included a poker chip in this Unbound box--if your first thought when you saw the poker chip was “who goes down on who,” then you’ve been using those cheesy erotic dice too much. We imagined this chip to be way more versatile. Whether you use it with a new interest or your S.O., let chance help shape the fate of your evening.

Let the chip fall where it may (sorry) at some pivotal points throughout your night. For example: who decides on a drink? Wine makes for a very different night than martinis. From there, do you go dancing or to your favorite quiet bar? As the night wraps up, whose place do you head for? And of course, after an evening of flipping to see who decides what’s next, this can continue straight into who undresses who. Oh, but put some good music on first! (may we shamelessly suggest our Power Playlust for this?) 

From here we trust you to use your imagination along with the chip. When it’s “my way” think about what that means...is it a tried-and-true set of moves or something you’ve always wanted to try but never have? After all, you’ve been given the authority to make it happen. If you’re looking for some additional inspiration, the Bijoux Indiscrets blindfold we’ve sent you doubles very effectively as a gentle wrist restraint. Flip to see who ties who. 

And the following morning...brunch, bagels, or more sex? Let the chip decide...

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