Power Trip

We're so pleased to present this quarter's Unbound Box: The Power Box.

Ready to take a look at what we've packed inside?

1. Bijoux Indiscrets Blindfold: Ready to take power or hand it all over? This blindfold is the perfect accessory for your bid for total control. Or, you know, for taking a power nap...

2. Just a bit of Pink Water lube (be sure to read our suggestion for the lube here!)

3. Lelo Luna Beads Noir: Stronger pelvic floor muscles mean stronger (and more frequent) orgasms. Lelo's weighted balls have gained a cult following since 50 Shades hit the e reader scene (ya, we read it, too). Check out our full scale FAQ page here!

4. Dead Batteries: Time to return those batteries back to your remote. We love these kick ass AAA batt's from Wisconsin based company, Dead Batteries. (oh, they work! truuuuust us.)

5. Babeland Arousal Balm: We tried them all and this all natural, glycerin and paraben-free and vegan (!!!) stimulation cream hit the spot!

6. Unbound Power Coin: Ready for some power play? Flip the coin to find out who calls the shots...

And as always, we pack a condom in every box: 
7. Sir Richards Condom: For every condom sold, Sir Richard's contributes one to a developing country. They say it best: "Doing good never felt better"...

Have to have one?  We're still shipping 'em! Order today and we'll get one into your hot little hands asap! 

Get Off + Give Back

Unbound will donate 6.9% of all profits to nonprofit organizations that support female sexual health and wellness.

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