When we first *met* Uberlube, we were easily seduced by the packaging.  Simple and dare we say: elegant? From the outside alone we know this was not your typical lubricant.  Then we put a little on our hands and fireworks, hearts and stars! Uberlube is the good stuff. Nope, it's the great stuff.  It's the stuff that when your friend says "ew, lube is gross" you fight back a good hearty laugh and simply say, "You haven't used Uberlube." It's THAT good.

So let's walk through some of the basics that make us love this product.  

To start: this silicone based lube is tasteless, scentless and non staining.  Sure, we love a good flavored lube from time to time but there's something very lovely about incorporating lube into your sexual encounter without making it an overwhelming presence. It's carries a thicker consistency than most lubes but isn't sticky or too oily feeling. As long as the Uberlube is in motion, it maintains its feel and function.  When you stop, it begins to dissipate.  

Some other worthy mentions: Uberlube is great for athletes too as Uberlube is often used by runners to help with chafing. Or if you're more of a cocktail party athlete like us, you'll love trying a bit of this on areas that tend to rub a bit more in skirts or dresses. Thigh rub be damned!

Oh! And believe it! Uberlube works as a perfectly good hair serum.  It's safe to use on hair to fight frizz.  We just added a pump or two on our hands rubbed them together (for good luck?  Seemed right at the time) and applied the Uberlube to our ends which are completely straw like after this winter.  Gorgeous frizz free locks.  We love a multi tasker and this stuff totally nails it. Pack your Uberlube Good to Go and just wait for the next opportunity to use it!

Also good to know! Because this is a silicone based lube, it's latex compatible- so totally cool to use with condoms. However, when it comes to sex toys and goods only use a silicone lube with glass, hard plastic, ceramic, steel, wood, aluminum, or marble. Using a silicone lube and a silicone based toy will cause the two to interact and it's not pretty.  

Want more?  Learn more about Uberlube including purchasing information here.