Well, it's no secret, we love condoms.  We're big into them.  Having them, sharing them, and making sure women feel totally okay about carrying them- all the good stuff.

Tiffany Gaines is the founder of Lovability Condoms, a condom company that's message and purpose is to empower women to take responsibility for their sexual health.  We had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany and immediately we knew we had to share Lovability with you.  (We did an interview with her a while ago  here , check it to learn more about Tiffany and her experience of starting a condom company!)

The facts: each "Lovability" male condom is made of ultra premium, lubricated latex. Lovability Condoms are FDA approved, electronically triple tested, come in a size large, and are sealed in our special "easy open" buttercup foil packaging. On the back of each condom are directions for use. They are uniquely designed for women to buy, carry, and provide. 

About this buttercup foil packaging...we love this and everyone we've showed them to has done the same thing we did- pick one up immediately and oohh and ahh, that's right over a condom!

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