Butter-Me Bar

A Butter-Me bar is 100% all natural cocoa butter thats melted and cooled at very specific temperatures to create the bar shape.  When first opening it, it essentially appears to be a small bar of soap, shaped like a smiley face that smells like chocolate.  Hold the Butter-Me bar in your hand for a while and you'll start to notice the warming effect begins to melt the bar.  

Flying solo?  Take a warm shower (this is when absorption is at it's best), grab the bar and warm it in your hand, allowing it to melt a bit.  Use the cocoa butter from head to toe, allowing for a soft and totally decadent moisturizing experience.  Take the time to really cover every inch.  You deserve a good top to bottom, tip to toe pampering! 

Using it with a partner? Simply hold it your hand a bit to melt it down and begin massaging! You could also use the bar itself to aid with the massage once you have a layer of the cocoa butter on the skin.  

Because cocoa butter is an oil based lubricant we only suggest you use it outside the body.  Great for massage, moisturizing and not so much (at all) for vaginal intercourse.  However, if you are using a Butter-Me Bar with a male partner, it's perfect for proving that hand jobs aren't overrated. 

If you're unfamiliar with using cocoa butter and you might want to keep a towel nearby.  While it's not sticky, the stuff will certainly coat your hands and you may want to wipe them off a bit.  

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