Afterglow Toy Tissues

We’re all about naughty dirty things, but cleanliness is pretty hot too. Afterglow is here to help, before and after sex, with a pack of durable wipes. 


-Everyone at some point has faced that moment of "ehhhh" after they've lubed up a bit and are left with sticky hands; don't want your sheets to get all gross?  Wipe your hands with your Afterglow Tissues!  

-These wipes are lint- and residue-free which makes Afterglow a superior toy cleaner over many other wipes or sprays. 

-Fragrance free (no Spring Fresh Rain! or Morning Dew BS, here!)

-Bergamot essence is added help to refresh and sensitize the skin

-Safe to use on toys and skin

Get Off + Give Back

Unbound will donate 6.9% of all profits to nonprofit organizations that support female sexual health and wellness.

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