Afterglow Toy Tissues

We’re all about naughty dirty things, but cleanliness is pretty hot too. Afterglow is here to help, before and after sex, with a pack of durable wipes. 

-Everyone at some point has faced that moment of "ehhhh" after they've lubed up a bit and are left with sticky hands; don't want your sheets to get all gross? If you are using your Good Clean Love, it's great to have an Afterglow handy so there is no last minute cleaning before round 2.

-These wipes are lint- and residue-free which makes Afterglow a superior toy cleaner over many other wipes or sprays. 

-Fragrance free (no Spring Fresh Rain! or Morning Dew BS, here!)

-Bergamot essence is added help to refresh and sensitize the skin

-Safe to use on toys and skin

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Unbound will donate 6.9% of all profits to nonprofit organizations that support female sexual health and wellness.

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