Unbound Woman of the Week: Yari Blanco

  • Name, occupation, hometown:
    Yari Blanco
    Founder & EIC of the

  • Why did you start theGIRLMOB?
    Because I wanted to create a space where women of color spoke to and learned about each other. 
  • What has been the most challenging thing about starting a company? I think this is an obvious one, but money. When you're financing yourself you have to make sure you're ready to take on that financial responsibility until you know how to properly monetize your company. I think also just the amount of attention it needs, it's like growing a garden. You need to constantly tend to it, water it, love it and give it enough space to grow.

  • Who is the most inspiring woman in your life? I think that figure changes every so often. Currently, it's JLo. There's a poster of her on my train stop and every time I pass it I feel like she's telling me "YOU GOT THIS GIRL" - I love that she's had a successful career, she's worn and wears many hats, she's a mom and still makes time to look fabulous and have a relationship. I think for me it's also seeing someone like her who came from NYC like me pushing and getting what she knows she deserves and is capable of. 

  • What is your favorite pump up song? This one changes often as well, currently, it's Big Sean - Bounce Back

  • What do you want theGIRLMOB to achieve? I want us to be a leading voice in the communities we represent. I want us to provide WOC with a safe space, both virtually and live, where they feel loved and understood, where they can learn from their peers. I want us to be respected for being honest with our content and for showing that WOC can be a powerful voice in pop culture as we already know they can.

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