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She Paper makes fun, feminist wrapping paper and now for just $6.50 you can choose from two of their awesome designs to have your Unbound order gift-wrapped!   When you go to check out simply select which design you want (see below for details) by checking the related box, add any additional instructions for us by clicking "ADD GIFT WRAPPING INSTRUCTIONS" (for example if you want only some items in your order wrapped) and we'll take care of the rest!  Happy gifting!

OPTION 1: YAS QUEEN (featuring the Queen of England, Cleopatra, Beyoncé and Marie Antoinette)

OPTION 2: FUNNY BROADS (feat. Whoopi Goldberg, Amy Schumer, Lucille Ball, and Joan Rivers)

More about the Badass Babes of She Paper: 

Normally at Unbound we try to focus more on what feels good *inside* but this time we couldn’t help ourselves.  The gorgeous, inspired wrapping paper from She Paper is so fantastic it almost doesn’t matter what’s inside the box. 

Brainchild of brilliant creative partners Stephanie Krivitzky and Mia Feitel, She Paper sells a colorful array of wrapping papers featuring badass babes from across history.  Designs include patterns like "Women Who Are Unapologetically Themselves" (featuring Miley Cyrus and Amelia Earhart, among others), "Funny Broads" (with Amy Schumer, Lucille Ball, and Joan Rivers), "Yas Queen" (from Cleopatra to Queen Bey), and more. 

According to She Paper’s website, its creators were inspired to enhance gifts for their friends with wrapping that would “compliment the personalities of the incredible women (they) were gifting”.  And best of all they’re not done churning out awesome designs! The She Paper site promises that new designs are forthcoming.   

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