To Shave or Not to Shave that is the Question

“Women are like farmers; constantly trimming, weeding and plucking”

–Bridget Jones



 If you think way back, body hair was a GOOD thing *gasp* it keeps sweat out of our eyes, bacteria out of our genitals, keeps us warm AND alerts us when we are scared.

However, as we like to do- in the name of fashion and good ol change, we decided as a society to change it up. The symbolic association of femininity with lack of body hair and masculinity with body hair is a gendered norm that WE created in Western Society. 

Blame it on privilege, blame it on modern inventions (aka the razor)... whatever you must but shaving... it's a thing. 


Basow and Braman did a study in 1998 where men and women watched a video of a woman in a bikini with visible body hair & without.


They preferred the women without visible body hair. (shocking I know)

AND found that the participants deemed the women with body hair as:

  • less attractive
  • intelligent
  • sociable
  • happy
  • positive

when compared with the women without body hair !!!!





Toerien, Wilkison, and Choi studied women’s practices regarding their body hair, and removal techniques.

Who? 678, very diverse women 16- 70 years old.


reported removing some body hair at some point in their lives.

and the majority recalled doing so by the age of 



How Do you Wear your Hair (down there) ??




Not So Much?




No GO?




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How Do You Groom?

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