The Hottest Candidate Wins in Life & the Election

PSA: Election Day is TOMORROW (if you didn't know)

 There are a million and one external + internal factors that will effect your vote.

liiiiiike your identification with your personal political party, liberal-conservative ideology, retrospective assessments of the current president's job performance, prospective judgments of likely performance by the candidates, attitudes toward controversial government policy options, perceptions of the candidates’ personalities, the emotions evoked by candidates in voters, preferences about whether partisan control of the federal government is divided or unified, and your environment like the attributes of people who you discussed politics with, the content coming at you from EVERYWHERE and so much more. 


You can totally just vote for the more attractive President. 

"Facial appearance influences electoral outcomes poses a significant threat to our democracy"

But why?

The Disease Avoidance Mechanism aka Disgust. Disgust is an evolved psychological system for protecting organisms from infection through disease avoidant behavior. 

When you apply this concept to selection of political leaders: we avoid unhealthy looking leaders because healthy leaders are important for society and in turn the voters well-being.


Physical attractiveness has predicted election outcomes for candidates from congressional districts with high disease threat (higher infant mortality and lower life expectancy) but not those with low disease threat.


There are Different Kinds of Pretty

When you ask people who they would vote for "in a time of peace" they like a more likable / attractive leader and when asked who they would vote for in "a time of war" they prefer a more masculine, dominant-looking appearance.


"Dominant leaders are perceived as better able to advance societal functioning and individuals’ well-being in wartime, whereas leaders with pro-social qualities may be perceived as more able to do so during peacetime."



but, whomever you find attractive or not. try not to let it completely influence your choice ;)


But if you're feeling like we are: we have the perfect thing for you



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