The Double Entendre Box

Sometimes keeping it simple is overrated. This quarter’s box is all about seemingly simple delights with a hidden, sexy twist.

Retail value at $180
but $65 for badass biddies. 


je joue large motor

The Sea Witch from the Little Mermaid once said that life is full of tough choices. But what if it weren't? Je Joue's fabulous new "Ooh" collection features a core vibrator motor that can be used with whatever your heart desires from their accessory OOH line. And with 3 speeds and 2 vibration modes, there's plenty of variety. It's also body safe and rechargeable, because who has time for that battery nonsense? 


The Je Joue Vibrating Pebble is as purdy as she is powerful. Discover this palm-sized toy’s smooth curves and silky silicone feel. With three speed settings and two vibration patterns you can personalize your pleasure - whether together or solo.


Lube is pretty perfect to begin with: it makes sex slicker, more sensitive, and lesbereal less chafe-y. Sliquid's Swirl, in addition to a host of other wonderful things like being vegan, glycerin and paraben-free, non-staining and pH-balanced, has a fun twist: it's got just a hint of flavoring and sweetener to make sexy times even more scrumptious. We tasted all six flavors and can say with certainty Strawberry Pomegranate is tops. Bon appétit! 


These classic stacked bangles conceal a kinky twist: when separated, they can be re-secured on opposite wrists to form secure, functional handcuffs. Wear them out and just see where the night takes you…


Let the the fun of the night go to your head with these delicious, grown-up candies that evoke delicious cocktails. And we're not just talking taste (though these gluten-free candies are delectable) each is made with real alcohol and prepared to ensure only a minimal amount of hooch is burned off in the cooking process.  The hour just got a lot happier.


Sometimes you want to play and sometimes you want everyone
to just go the eff away. This cheeky door hanger let’s
you have it both ways.



This quarter you can customize your box with your accessory of choice with either a fabulous silicone cock ring or an exclusive vibrating butt plug that goes with your new Je Joue motor and pebble vibe!

Here are the steps:

1. Log in

2. Click which item you'd like in the Double Entendre Box

3. Click submit! 

If you have any trouble, don't hesitate to reach out to with questions! 

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  • Joanie Costlow

    Your last couple boxes haven’t really been my style (who has time for pasties with 2 kids running around, lol) but THIS box… truly excited about it. I normally don’t spoil the surprise by reading what’s in the boxes but I’m glad i did this time! Love the options! I want both! Seriously though, from the door hanger, pretty cuffs, and those candies! Spot on, Unbound gals! We can’t wait! ❤

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