There’s nothing any of us would probably prefer less in a post-coital or post-masturbation-induced orgasmic haze than to roll out of bed to pad off to the bathroom sink and scrub that vibrator or butt plug in antiseptic under scalding water.  And yet if you don’t clean your arsenal regularly some pretty ooky things can happen:  sexual lifestyle products can collect harmful bacteria and yeast that may cause infections such as STDs like chlamydia, syphilis, herpes, bacterial vaginosis, HIV and hepatitis B/C. While many manufacturers offer a recommended way to clean their products, there is no universal (let alone borderline effortless) way to do it- until now. 

We sat down (well, telephonically) with the lovely Brooke Martz O’Connor, cofounder of UVee- a company manufacturing an innovative storage case for sexual lifestyle products that leverages a germicidal UV-C light system to kill 99.9% of bacteria (all while allowing you to simultaneously charge your vibrators).

The genesis of this ingenious idea?  While pregnant, Brooke became wary of the reams of guidance What to Expect When You’re Expecting set forth on proper sanitation procedures for sexual lifestyle products to make them safe enough for a pregnant woman to use.  Boiling water, for instance, may cool to a temperature where bacteria are not effectively eliminated (to say nothing of the potential for water damage to electronic products), while many foams and gels on the market fail to clean 99.9% of bacteria and alcohol and bleach solutions can damage materials and upset user pH balance.  While dismayed looking for a better way, it happened that Brooke’s mother, Carrie, had been coincidentally consulting for a UV-sanitation company at the time that focused on oral health products.  A (UV) lightbulb went off: why not leverage the same technology that effectively cleans toothbrushes to clean intimate products?

In the course of her market research Brooke found that no other company making storage accessories for sexual lifestyle products was leveraging such UV-sanitation technology effectively.   They set to prototyping and took the concept to major industry expos including AVN, ILS, and XBIZ.  Based on feedback they received, they continued to iterate and refine the product- for instance by making their larger unit sizeable enough to accommodate the Hitachi Magic Wand (which no comparable adult lifestyle storage box on the market is able to do).  They landed on sleek, discrete and gender-neutral designs with versatile charging ports, that allowed the products to stay clean between uses (rather than gathering dust- or the attention of curious children- out in the open or in a drawer).  They also rolled out a smaller travel-sized unit that can easily go through TSA. 

So how does this awesome germ killing magic work?  The UV-C lights on either side of the case destroy the walls and DNA of bacterial cells to the point that they can no longer survive or multiply.  UVee enlisted an expert biochemist to validate the cases’ success in combating typical bacterial associated with vaginal and anal health issues (including E coli, Staph, Strep, Gardnerella vaginalis, Lactobacillus acidophilus, and Candida albicans) on products made of a wide range of materials including platinum silicone, jelly, ABS plastic, Medical grade silicone, and glass. Across the board UVee was shown to be 99.9% effective at killing bacteria. 

Currently UVee is principally focused on garnering attention and awareness for their core products (the large and travel-sized UVee box), and have secured a number of distribution partnerships with major retailers like Dreamers and Ambiance.  However, Brooke and the rest of the team have an eye on the future and are contemplating potential expansion into other adjacent products related to cleaning and storage for sexual lifestyle products.  They are also working on partnerships with a number of well-established OBGYNs and sex therapists to carry UVee. 

While the UVee line isn’t available for retail sale just yet, Brooke confirmed this space-age storage solution should be available well in time for holiday delivery- we can’t wait!


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