In a world of no's,

it's amazing to hear yes. 


The Brooklyn Museum's new exhibit, A Year of Yes begins Friday October 21st.
If even you're not located in NYC- this is still mega cool and worth knowing about. 
The 10 exhibits based on the feminist movement is displaying works from Georgia O'Keeffe, Marilyn Minter and Judy Chicago, just to name a few. The feminist art of the past and future, is taking over the museum by storm. 
The first exhibit "Beverly Buchanan- Ruins and Rituals" has over 200 multidisciplinary pieces which will give the late artist the recognition she deserves. 
Coming in November "Marilyn Minter: Pretty/ Dirty"  is a review of her paintings, photographs and videos exploring different topics such as pornography and the beauty industry. 
More highlight include gender roles, the museums history told through a feminist lens and more!
Check out their website for more information

Wanna make your own art?


Unbound has the perfect way to make your own masterpiece. This kit for making an abstract painting while being intimate with your partner is a must have. Love is art.
Get in the mood by listening to our perfect playlist for your painting sesh!

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