The following comes from our guest blogger Micah Brown:

Having a baby means swelling, weight gain, heightened emotions, food aversions and weird cravings, googly uninvited eyes fawning over your belly and most importantly, birthing a baby. After you give birth, however, society seems to expect that you snap right back to normal.


  • stop swelling
  • lose the baby weight
  • level out your emotions
  • get back to having sex

Maybe not everyone is thinking about that last one, but your partner sure is. The problem is, although your doctor has examined your post-partum body and deemed it party ready, your mind is likely still reeling from such a powerful and intense experience.

Just a few weeks ago you were wearing Philly Cheesesteak-sized pads, sitting on hospital issued ice packs and using a perennial bottle. Now you're expected to saddle up and reverse cowgirl?

If you're like me, you're probably thinking, "Oh hell no!"

So, what do you do? It's been weeks, possibly months since you and your partner have had any real intimacy and you want it back as much as they do. And while you've retired your seamless maternity underwear, your mind still has one foot in the maternity ward and one pinky toe in the lingerie drawer. So what do you do?

Talk to your partner:

Tell them what's going on in your mind and why. Then let your partner know that you'd feel more comfortable giving your body the time it needs before you resume intimacy.

Remember there’s more to sex than intercourse:

A little teasing can go a long way. If you're waiting an additional week or two to have sex, but feel switched on and confident today, supplement sex with a striptease to some of Beyonce's spiciest hits. A little shake here, a pop there and a sexy hair flip over there and voila-you remind him of what he's waiting for and remind yourself of what a sexy beast you are!

Make the night special:

Go straight Nora Roberts novel for the night. Buy sexy lingerie, a dozen white candles, make a playlist, get red roses and casually yet intentionally sprinkle them around the room. Heck, open up your Unbound box and see what sexy little things can make the night sexier. Feel sexy, because you are!

Open up a bottle of wine:

Anthony Capella said, "Years, lovers and glasses of wine; these things must not be counted." Don't count, just relax and relish. 

Get out of your head:

One of the best parts about sex is that it's happening! So let it happen. Feel it, listen to your body, enjoy your partner and your very powerful body.

You got this, now be the sexy mama you are and make getting back in the sack exciting, but on your time!


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