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It's officially November. Halloween is over and the holidays are quickly approaching. No matter how you feel about this time of year, one things is certain (not death or taxes.. yet) cold weather = dry skin. 
No one likes that sh*t.

Chapped lips and pale, flakey skin < 

Skin gets dry because the wind and cold weather irritate it, and the lack of humidity in the air causes it to lose moisture rapidly. Your skin loses more than 25% of its ability to hold moisture in the winter.
 says Elizabeth McBurney, MD and Jessica Wu, MD. 

Solutions? Keep hydrated and happy.

1) Steam is your new BFF.

Soften dry patches by steaming your face over a bowl or make sure to keep the door closed when you're showering.

2) Exfoliate x 10

Follow up with an exfoliating scrub to get off the dry skin and make way for the new new.

3) Lotion Up

Lather on a rich moisturizer. 

4) Fake a Glow

You know that post orgasm face that looks oh so radiant? Our waterproof, super discreet rubber duckie can help you out. 

Do it as a Team or by Yourself. 

Our solution for the winter blues is our steamy kit that has everything you need for slick, satisfying shower sex.
Have your partner scrub you down with Luz de la Riva's seductive pheromone scub, then apply some nourishing 210th shower cream on your newly exfoliated skin.  Next, cleanse your more intimate areas with Good Clean Love's Bio-Match Personal Wash.  When you're all squeaky clean, get a little dirty with Uberlube and your new naughty Rubber Duckie vibrator.

TAKE 15% a shower box now until Sunday 11/6 with code LETSDUCK.


The Goods


Luz de la Riva "Lisa" Pheromone Salt Scrub
Rejuvenate the skin and feel sexy doing so with Luz de la Riva's pheromone-infused "Lisa Salt Scrub." Made from a trio of organic, mineral-filled salts: Alaea Hawaiian, Himalayan, and Bolivian Rose Salt, Lisa offers therapeutic benefits and makes the skin radically soft, smooth and sexy. To avoid any potential harshness, Lisa is made with fine essential oils that moisturize and protect the skin.

This silicone-based lube is tasteless, scentless and non staining. It carries a thicker consistency than most lubes but isn't sticky or oily-feeling. As long as Uberlube is in motion, it maintains its feel and function.  When you stop, it begins to dissipate.  Finally, because this is a silicone based-lube, it maintains its lubricating qualities even in the shower or bath. While this lube is compatible with latex, avoid use with silicone dildos or vibes.  

210th Shower Cream
This sensual shower cream has a luxurious consistency and seductive scent that will make you want to linger and lather longer.  Bonus- every 210th body care product has a hidden seductive assignment behind the QR code inside the package. Discover yours!

Good Clean Love Bio-Match Balance Moisturizing Personal Wash
This gentle moisturizing cleanser is made with soothing botanical extracts and because it's all natural and balanced to match healthy vaginal acidity and salinity it's safe to use on your intimate areas while supporting the healthy balance of vaginal flora and protecting against infection, discomfort, and unpleasant odors. 

Vibrating Rubber Duckie
Take that relaxing, steamy shower to the next level with this discreet shower toy that looks like an innocent rubber duckie but conceals a powerful vibrator activated when you press on its back. Requires two AA batteries. (Included)

Now get to it.... use code LETSDUCK for 15% off a shower box, now until Sunday 11/6.


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