Protect YO SELF

2007: Steve Jobs released the 1st iPhone, Britney had a yearlong breakdown, Drew Carey takes over hosting duties of The Price Is Right and the year sexting made it into the dictionary
From this point on commutation drastically changed. Camera phones and the internet allowed the end of solely using words to tell our significant other what we wanted to do to them, and allowed for us to SHOW them.
Ain't no shame in sending a super hot picture of your bod- however soon after we learned the amazing power of snapping a picture of our naked bods and quickly sending them, we learned that there can be negative repercussions. 

KEY WORD: consent. 

Your once personal image is now out there for anyone to see. AKA your mom, grandparents, dog, friends, employers.

Your body is yours. Point blank. What you choose to do with it, should be your choice, and only yours. 


So, what should you do if a photo of you has been leaked?

1) document, document, document. 

2) get it taken down.


No matter how sad/ mad / upset you are, the evidence of what was done to you MUST be preserved.


How do I save this bullsh*t??


  • Save the page as a PDF(s) or take screenshots.
  • Print out any and everything associated and keep them in a safe location.
  • If there if it's a video, download the entire video and save it.


Get it down

Contact the web host and demanding the images be removed, the website needs to be put on notice that you are taking legal action, and that you are requesting that they provide you with, or preserve, the relevant material and information regarding the poster and his or her IP address. The reason this is crucial is that some websites may not keep data for very long, and the proper notification may save evidence that would be essential at trial.  

thanks, James Healy, an associate attorney at Sullivan Brill, LLP who originally wrote the info above for the Huffington Post.




FYI: your rights are different by state. 34 states currently have laws around revenge porn. If you are using a legal aid, make sure they are familiar with your specific states regulations. 



and lastly

you're beautiful, and here's a cyber hug.










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