Pornhub takes over NYFW


Fashion week is over... for now. But we're still not over the NYFW Hood by Air show. 

 Some critics have said that it was comical, an interesting performance and had pieces that we will see adored on street style stars. But it seemed for the most part, it was a hectic week, the models looked sticky, the show was meh and we moved on.. jumping in the complimentary Lexus outside and moved onto other show. Then another city.


Strange Combinations 

The hair & makeup team described the beauty look rather as mischievous children who got into households accidents, like getting into Vaseline.

The goal of the collaboration was to move away from partnerships with other clothing companies and move into collaborating with businesses that have liberal ideas and spirits. 

Pornhub makes it very clear what they do- just read the name. This is a new way to sell ideas and make an impact. 


Corey Price, Pornhub Vice President, loved the collaboration and was quoted saying

Shayne Oliver has seamlessly deconstructed the boundaries of fashion and created a brand that emanates edginess and defies convention. Working alongside Hood by Air and sponsoring Shayne’s fashion show at New York Fashion Week was an immense pleasure, especially as we continue our foray into the fashion industry. The show was an audacious exposition of fashion, culture, and sex, epitomizing what Pornhub represents today.

How do you feel about this collaboration and future collaborations?

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