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Even as kids we’ve swirled our fingers into a melted candle and peeled the smooth cooled wax off to watch it melt again in the hot wax. But now that we’re older, our hot wax fascination has gone in a more sensual direction. Here are a few tips for safe, sexy hot wax play:

  1. Use body candles! They have a lower melting temperature than household candles. Typically they melt at 130 degrees Fahrenheit which is equivalent to a hot shower. You may be thinking “I’ve never hurt myself when I’ve dipped my fingers in wax!” but that’s because our fingers are a lot tougher than the sensitive skin of our stomachs and thighs.
  2. Lay down a sheet you don’t care about that you can reserve for messy playtime experiences.
  3. Stick to white wax to prevent stains.

Some of our favorite body candles are:

Lovelights Massage Candle Trio: Bring refreshing citrus scents to the bedroom and experiment with creating an ambiance using all three at once.

Jimmyjane Afterglow candles: We looove these candles. Featuring light aphrodisiac scents and a easy-pour spout, this is a great choice for both beginners and more experienced hot wax aficionados.  

Wild Strawberry Massage Candle: For a full sensory experience! Flavored, scented, and melts into a supple massage oil that feels fantastic on the skin.

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    These look amazing, I am looking forward to trying the wild strawbeery massage candle! Thanks for the amazing experience.

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