Hot as Ice

ice ice baby

Ice tea, Ice Cube, ice cream... ICE PLAY.

aka temperature play, aka a form of BDSM play where objects and substances are used to stimulate the body's neuroreceptors for heat and cold for sensual effect.

This time of year it's cold outside, so we thought it would be perfect to bring the cold inside. Here's your go-to guide on incorporating ice into your play. 


 btw here's a PSA

 The body can't really tell a big difference between -20 and 20 degrees other than sharpness when to comes to ice; so, it's important to make sure your ice is not too cold that it will stick to your partner. Ice is best used when it is allowed to thaw and melt a bit for not only precaution reasons but for more lubricating purposes.
Another couple things to keep in mind- frost bite is real so make sure your partner's skin is reacting in a positive way rather than a damaging way and the same goes with hypothermia- if doing internal play, keep the time of insertion on the low end and never go more than 5 minutes. 

External Play:

Teasing as Foreplay

When regular lip balm is just too basic, try a heating and cooling lip balm to start your icy adventure and move on to kissing with an ice cube, and as it gets smaller it will be more fun to find. 

Running the ice along your partners body, and then try kissing the cold after or making circle 8s around her breasts or his inner thighs. The more sensitive the area, the more impact the ice will have. 

Use nipple balm, which will activate after 1-2 minutes and slowing use ice and hot breathe on them. The cooling sensation of the balm mixed with hot breath and cold ice will have your partners nipples standing and all senses tingling. 

Oral Sex

For her, use the ice cube as stimulation, but keep it moving and never in one spot for too long, use a mixture of the ice and mouth for a hot and cold experience. Sensitive? Try over a pair of panties
For him, crush up ice with your teeth and keep it in your mouth, this will add texture to your up and down motion of your mouth and hot and cold play. 




Internal Play:

In the research phase of this article, we stumbled upon a very interesting link on how to make your own ice dildo. It's actually worth clicking, btw, but we shall stick to something a bit safer, like the iscream dildo. Simply, put in the fridge or freezer, wait for it to chill down and enjoy the sensation of the cold in your body. 

Yes, this can go wherever it will fit and feels comfortable. 






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