Good Jewelry. Period.

Periods should be a normal thing to talk about, but so often we feel embarrassed, Murphy-Johnson told Broadly. I wanted my collection to take on the quality of jewelry that I like, but using the qualities of that jewelry to show people that periods can be beautiful.

Lili Murphy- Johnson: 22, lives in London and decided to make jewelry imitate the way she feels when she's on her period. It was the emotional side of PMS and through menstruation that lead her to create the pieces. 



In our culture today, we don't really openly talk about menstruation and the effects it has on a woman. Taking a subject that is inherently tabu and making it beautiful is what art is all about and we applaud the amazing work.

Murphy- Johnson explains 

My collection is inspired by menstruation, and the frustrating, leaking female body. Comprising of three prominent stages of menstruation, my collection focuses on the hormonal mood swings that makes up premenstrual syndrome, commonly known as PMS; the ‘periods paraphernalia’ being tampons, sanitary towels, soaps, wipes, and the many products that are provided to women to help manage their periods; and lastly the blood itself.



With goals of turning shame and disgust of the natural phenomena that effects half of the population into wearable art, it seems this girl boss will go quite far.


Until we can get our hands on a piece, we'll stick with Unbound Handcuff Bangles, Venus Necklace and Unbound Body Chain



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