Getting It On On The Road: Unbound's Guide to the Sexiest Travel-Sized Erotic Accessories

Looking to have a sexy time on your upcoming trip but wary of subjecting your arsenal of erotic accessories to TSA scrutiny?  Never fear- we've compiled a list of discrete and pleasurable Unbound favorites you can confidently toss in your carry on:

1. Travel Vibes

As much as we love classics like the stalwart Hitachi Magic Wand, travelling with a full-sized vibrator can be cumbersome.  Try a smaller, targeted vibe like the Iroha Mini, Crave Vesper or Jimmyjane Intro 1 for a more discrete but equally satisfying time.  Best of all, all three are also splashproof so you can enjoy fun by the pool or beach.


2. Lube

We love lube, and we also love that many of our favorite manufacturers also supply it in convenient travel-sized containers.  Uberlube Good to Go comes in a sleek brushed silver travel case and its silicone base means it has a pleasant viscosity that will stand up to fun in the hotel shower.


3. Non-Metal Restraints

Restraint play on a luxurious hotel bed can be a lot of fun.  Try one of our favorite restraint sets that wont set off the airport metal detectors like Quickie Cuffs, Silk "Juliette" Restraints by Luz de la Riva or (for those of you that are more adventurous) Silk Bondage Rope by Shibari.  


4. Cock Rings

Cock rings take up a minimal amount of space in your suitcase but can offer a great deal of pleasure enhancement in the bedroom by allowing him to last longer to satisfy you while enjoying a more intense orgasm himself- everybody wins!  Check out Unbound favorites the Jimmyjane Iconic Ring and Tantus Super Soft C-Ring.


5. Non-Metal Butt Plugs

Anal play is a lot of fun but facing up to the airport security agent who found your metal buttplug can be less so.  Try a great silicone plug like the Picobong Tano 2 or Tantus Perfect Plug for a more discrete but equally satisfying time when travelling. 


6. Door Hanger

Let 'em know the turndown service can wait.  Use a cheeky doorhanger like this one from Unbound to protect your well-earned privacy.


7. Stimulant Gels

These travel-sized stimulant gels produce an intense sensation when applied to sensitive areas like the nipple or clitoris.  We recommend Exsens' Ginger Litchi Gel for those seeking a more intense sensation and Intimate Earth's Gentle Gel for those looking for something a bit milder. 


8. Condoms

What happens in Vegas/Rome/Montreal/where have you can stay there- unless its an STI or unwanted pregnancy.  Protect yourself with high quality condoms that feel great like Sir Richards.


9. Erotic Massage Kit

Vacations should be about unwinding and indulging.  We love the Wanderlust Kit from Bijoux Indiscrets, which features everything you need for a sensual massage that will make all your cares back home fade far away. 


10.Travel Case

Keep all your erotic travel-sized goodies in a case that was tailor made to keep them save.  The Plume Mini-Moi Case is made of anti-bacterial materials and features an easy access charging port to keep your travel vibe abuzz.  


Don't forget to check out the Unbound Vacation Box for a selection of some of our favorite sexessories for travel!


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