Find your New Jeans on Grindr

“We all go on websites like Pornhub,

you know?

So before you start jerking off

maybe you can stop and look at our new pants and shoes”

– Nicola Formichetti

from an interview with Dazed.


"Partnering with Grindr and Pornhub allows Diesel to connect without taboo where

—on occasion—

a great number of people spend their time in the digital age."

- Richard Welch

global head of strategy at Spring Studios from an interview done with Ad Week.

Why this is the best idea:


Ad spend in companies is huge. Whole departments and teams are dedicated to figuring out where to advertise. People who are still advertising on the top of cabs are still paying what they would have 10 years ago, what's the difference between now and 2006? People are staring at their phones, NOT looking around. 
To be successful and get people to notice you is different than it used to be. We are consuming things at such quick rate- we need things instantly and to sick. We've seen marketing campaigns on snapchat do immensely well. Why? People are using snapchat. 10 seconds or less? Done. In, out and seen. 
Growing with the times rather than rebelling will get your brand more impressions, views and now: likes. 
Go where the people are, and don't be afraid to be out there.



But we all go on websites like Facebook, so why can anyone advertise on "Adult" websites but "Adult" websites cannot advertise on other sites?


Many websites and applications ban the use of adult content making it very difficult for websites like Unbound to advertise! 




Because they ban anything sexually related that is NOT family planning or contraception. But the sexually explicit condom ads are totally fine, because they are preventing babies. 



One day.....









Whatcha think?

Please don't be mean :-)

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