CoverMan? Meet the new Face of CoverGirl.


CoverGirl’s newest mascara, “So Lashy”, explained in a press release, that this new mascara is designed to work on all lash types-- meaning not just women and made James Charles the new face of CoverGirl. 

The news broke via Katy Perry Instagram page, as she is a face for the iconic brand as well. They have recently broken away from the typical white, thin model standard of beauty by celebrating all faces, skin tones and shapes. Now, even gender. 



why don't we WAKE UP LIKE THIS?

Alicia Keys has recently been all over the news, for the most basic thing: no wearing makeup. She says it makes her feel empowered, and doesn't feel the need to cover her face.


So, why do we even wear make-up anyway?

Studies have been done which concluded that men found women more attractive who had more contrast in their faces: meaning redder lips, against darker hair. The explanation for this is that contrast a) made women look more feminine and b) made them look younger. Younger women are more likely to have redder lips owing to better circulation.

By using makeup, you can increase the amount of contrast in your faces and thus increase their apparent femininity, youth and health. There is another advantage to contrast in the face as well, which is that it makes the features stand out more over a long distance. This in turn means a person can better catch the eye of a suitor, even across a room.

Using foundation and face makeup can increase the apparent symmetry in the face. By hiding blemishes and using contouring techniques etc.,you are able to remove asymmetrical features or at least hide them. This in turn suggests better genetic health, as unconsciously we presume asymmetry to be indicative of an inability of the cells to make exact copies when reproducing via mitosis.



Why does it matter?

Times are a changing- you can pretty much do whatever you want. SO, we think, if you like makeup: WEAR IT! if you don't: DON'T!

Do you, boo.


We love, Lick-Able-Lips



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