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Lingerie is often designed with the male gaze in mind- and therefore usually the branding follows suit. As a feminist lingerie brand, we always strive to make informed choices through our use of models, language, and images. Our brand image is very sexy, flirtatious and provocative – things that are often condemned for being anti-feminist. However, we believe women have the right to portray and express themselves sexually if they please – and we understand that the lingerie we design isn’t for anyone.

Our brand strives to create a body-positive image. We recently brought out our debut Curve range in which sizes go up to a UK 24, which we hope promotes the message that lingerie is for every type of body! We’re glad to say that next season, our lingerie designs will be available across our sizes ranges, therefore nobody is left out. We’ve been careful too to show models who are a range of different body types, however we know we could push diversity even more and aim to do so in the future. One of our favourite things is when our customers post pictures of themselves in our lingerie, as we have such a diverse customer base.

Many people associate ‘feminist lingerie’ with more utilitarian styles – but what makes lingerie feminist is the wearer, and the fact that they wear it because they want to, and it makes them feel good. Lingerie can be a means to cultivate body positivity and a sense of empowerment!

Wearing something special, like lingerie, can create confidence. Personally, I’m a big believer in “Fake it ‘til you make it” when it comes to body confidence, so putting on something sexy usually means a sense of body positivity follows. Lingerie can convey a mood, and it often requires confidence to wear some designs, and sometimes that’s half the battle when it comes to body positivity! Lingerie can also show off your favourite assets, which also helps when promoting a positive body image. It’s important to remember that every body is different, and everyone’s tastes are different too.

We also think it’s completely okay to wear lingerie for your partner if you want to – so long as that’s your decision and you’re happy to do so! There’s nothing anti-feminist about wearing thing for someone else’s enjoyment. On the flip side, wearing lingerie for yourself is also a way to feel confident with your body!

As a brand, we hope to continue to convey a strong feminist and female-positive message, and we’re always looking to diversify and go against the grain in the lingerie industry.


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