Your Friend + The Perfect Gift

She swears on Soul Cycle and lives in her Lulu Lemons. High heels? No way, she will stick with her sneakers. Smoothie, Kale, Quinoa-- and only organic. Her body is a temple and she treats it that way.


Minna K Goal

Fun Toys G Balls

Exsens Intime Fresh

Calorie Counting Cock Ring

    She was into erotic fiction before 50 Shades was a thing. Black is her go-to color and she's dying to do more than vanilla sex with her long time beau. 

    Crop Badine

    Juliette Cuffs de Luxe

    Unbound Handcuffs

    Full Circuit Body Suit


      Everyman fawns over her, but she's perpetually single. Walking down the street her turns everyone's head. Smart, Beautiful (inside and out) and beyond enviable. 


      Eye of Love Aphrodisiac Perfume

      Unbound Simple Bangle Cuffs

      Bijoux Bling Bling Body Powder

      Bristols Six Soho Pasties

        The friend who always has the perfect party to attend, brunch planned and secret Brooklyn loft rage you could stop by. She will plan a girls night in that ends with you all getting matching tattoos. 

        Venus 3d Printed Necklace

        Champagne Campaign Tank

        Exsens Strawberry Lip Gloss

        Good Clean Love Perfume





          She loves long bubble baths, her gym has the best spa and gets a mani/ pedi once a week. Her Instagram is full of foodie pictures and new shoes. She loves to indulge. 


          Smith and Sinclair Pastilles

          Poeme Body Paint

          Mimi Holliday Orchid Robe

          Jimmy Jane Afterglow Candle


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