American Sexuality Apparel

we know, we know, we know

sex sells. 


Why though?

It really just gets your attention, but as we are seeing more and more ads- the shock value has dipped. 


We know a bunch of brands still use this tactic, especially:

American Apparel


What Makes American Apparel so controversial? 



The use of unedited photos in sexually explicit ways has caused a huge uproar throughout the years and many ads have been banned in several countries. They've been in hot water for everything from nudity, showing nipples, pubic hair, using young models and more. 




The company's models are never photo shopped. The brand embraces an “un-airbrushed aesthetic,” leaving freckles, scars, blemishes, body hair, and tattoos untouched. When checking out their website it says that their models aren’t in fact models at all, but “real people” found “all over the world, through online submissions, word of mouth, and in retail stores, where we've been known to do an impromptu test shoot or two.”


And they don't just use super skinny, young models. In January 2014 Jackie O’Shaughnessy had a whole campaign called "Sexy has no Expiration Date." She was 62 at the time. 



Exploitation of Women or Empowerment?


Marsha Brady, one of American Apparel’s creative directors as quoted saying: "[when]...there’s a group of people attempting to shame female creativity, female beauty, female pride under the auspices of protecting women, it’s really, really scary."



 In 2013 they sold a screen-printed tee featuring self-pleasing artwork which created quite a stir. Some hate it some love it. The casual t-shirt was aimed at getting people talking about women’s sexuality- but didn't exactly go as planned. It got more back lash than positive conversations started.



The designer pointed out that the controversy proved the point she was trying to make, “it’s funny that out of all the images everywhere, all of the sexually violent images, or disgustingly derogatory images, this is something that’s so, so shocking apparently.”



What do you think of their ads?

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