You’re in for a mind-blowing night.  Anal play is proven to enhance vaginal intercourse and orgasms for many women.  And The Booty Box is great as either a warm up to anal intercourse or for use on its own as a foray into play with anal toys


It’s perfectly fine to be a bit nervous to try something new, but the key to anal play (or most satisfying sexual experiences, for that matter) is to start off relaxed. [NOTE: Some women prefer to douche beforehand to feel more confident, but that is a personal choice- if you hold off eating for 2-3 hours before sex you’ll be just fine.]

Have your partner help get you in the mood. Make out and touch each other everywhere- have them lick your nipples, kiss your neck, rub your clit. When you’re ready, have your partner put a dollop of lube on their index finger.  (We’ve provided you with one of our favorites, Soothe Guava Bark Anal Lubricant, which offers maximum lubrication for comfort and enjoyment for both partners. ).

Let’s start with the basics.  Finger play and stretching are an important first step to prepare for safe, enjoyable anal sex.  While your partner alternates between fingering your vagina and touching your clit with one hand (or while you stimulate your clit with a vibrator like the amazing Minna Limon) have your partner gently, slowly insert the tip of the lubricated finger on their other hand into your anus (they should be conscious that they don’t insert that finger into your vagina later). 

Have them work the tip back and forth gently, advancing to the first knuckle, then the second as you gradually become accustomed to the sensation. You drive the pace.  (NOTE: For most women the first time something is inserted in their anus can feel strange, tight, or like they need to use the bathroom. Just keep your muscles relaxed and remember to breathe.)

When you are comfortable with one finger in your anus, have your partner slowly, gradually introduce a second. Eventually, they should slowly move these in and out, gently stretching you. 

When you’re ready, apply a liberal amount of lube to the “beaded” end of the Tantus Perfect Plug.   Have your partner slowly introduce the tip, while either you or they continue to stimulate your clit.

Stay relaxed, apply more lube if necessary, and either have your partner slowly guide the wand further in, or else have them hold it steady while you back onto it at your own pace.  Keep taking deep breaths.  Don’t feel rushed. Be sure to keep up the foreplay while you get accustomed to the sensation of having the plug inside of you. 

When you and your partner are ready, remove the plug and position for intercourse.  For beginners, lying flat on your stomach or positioning yourself on all fours “doggy style” is likely to be more comfortable than missionary.  Be sure to start off slow and talk to each other about what feels good and what doesn’t.  When in doubt, never be shy about applying more lube! 

Slowly have your partner introduce the tip of their penis into your anus.  As with the plug, depending on what you’re more comfortable with, either have your partner slowly enter you or else have them hold still while you slowly back onto them.  When they are fully inside you take a moment to breathe and adjust to the sensation.  Again, go as slow as you need to.  

The initial sensation of entry can be uncomfortable or strange but with sufficient lubrication, preparation and foreplay/additional stimulation to the clitoris and other erogenous zones, many women find anal sex to be incredibly pleasurable.  Give it a go and see what works for you, you intrepid, experimenting minx you.

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  • Cindy Black on

    It’s important that his hands be freshly washed, nails trimmed, hangnails taken off, and no rough callouses, fresh or healing cuts, etc. The anal tissue is more delicate and sensitive than the vagina’s. The little scratches from a badly filed nail or the burning from the accumulated sweat/salt on his hands just ruin the whole experience for that whole night. It’s a little thing, but, we do like it when it’s pleasurable.:) I have to add that a small enema (1 pint) will make everything better, if that’s not possible, use your finger to “hook” those final stragglers, that way, you know you’re clean and can pay more attention to what’s going on in the moment. Thank you.

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