Silky Babelube

“I want it all” –Queen

Compromise sucks. When shopping for lube, usually it’s unavoidable- water-based lubes make for easier clean up and can be used with silicone toys but need to be reapplied more liberally and frequently to get the job done.  Silicone-based lubes, by contrast, last longer, stay one in the shower and have a delicious silky feel but can cause a sticky mess afterward. Babeland’s BabeLube Silk offers the best of both worlds with none of the bad. The water-based, hypoallergenic formula is combined with cream emollients and just a touch of silicone to add longevity and a silky texture without adding stickiness. And it’s safe to use with latex condoms or on silicone toys, (provided you wash them immediately after use).  Who says the modern woman can't have it all?

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