Skip the flowers and chocolate and treat yo self (or yo SO) to something truly special, like our heavy-hitting top five recs for truly memorable Valentine’s fun. Perfect for a romantic night in with the long-time bf or a fun romp with that winter Tinder fling you just convinced to shovel your car out of the snow.

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5. We-Vibe 4 Plus

Eyes down here, people. The freekin Rolls Royce of couples vibes.  Worn during sex, its body-hugging shape offers targeted simultaneous clitoral and G-spot simulation.  It also syncs with your smartphone through an app that lets you chose from ten different vibration modes, or even create your own customized vibe “playlists”.  The app also means that the We-Vibe can be controlled remotely from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD so couples can play together even when apart. Ain’t technology grand?

4. Njoy Fun Wand 

Njoy makes gorgeous, high quality stuff.  The Fun Wand is no exception.  Made of cast stainless steel polished to a “mirror shine”, the Fun Wand is their most versatile toy, with a shape that makes it perfect for G-spot or anal stimulation.  The medical-grade steel also takes time to warm to the touch, opening up fun possibilities for cool-temperature play.

3. Jimmyjane Afterglow Bourbon Candle

Yes we know.  Scented candles are *the* prototypical “phoning it in” gift.  But trust us, there’s more here than meets the eye.  This award-winning aphrodisiac scented candle (mmm Bourbon) coverts to massage oil as it melts, which the candle’s unique lid allows to be easily poured onto that lucky someone about to get spoiled.

2. Bijoux Indiscrets “Poeme” Body Paint

A sophisticated, sexy, and much-needed improvement on the typically cheesy edible body paint concept.  Poeme is a delicious body paint.  Apply it somewhere (or on someone) special with a sexy black plume that can be used for further teasing and fun after “dessert.”

1. DUH!

The best you can give yourself or a favorite lover is a box of carefully curated play things for only $65 every three months. Valued at over $150, it's the best splurge you'll make this Valentine's Day.


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