Girl Crush

 Girl rockers...the purest form of my personal girl crush. Any time I see a band with female lead singers, acting all talented and bad-ass, I am mesmerized, envious, but mostly, I pledge allegiance. It is not just that they are talented at playing and performing, there is an attitude they embody that cannot be emulated, which I find incredibly intoxicating. I have to share a new band and girl crush: Lucius. I stumbled upon them opening for Milo Green at the Bowery Ballroom, and can honestly say while watching them, I forgot I came to see another band. They have a unique look, with two female leads in retro matching outfits and fanciful hair. Both women have amazingly powerful voices and traded instruments between tambourine, piano and banging on the drums, while their male bandmates accompanied them. The musical sound was a bit undefinable to me, between ballads and beat-heavy rhythm. My favorite song off their EP is called ,“Turn it Around” Check them out and fall in love as I have. xxgreer

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