Seems like it's now or never for making New Years Resolutions...

"It's never too late to bandwagon."

Just yesterday I was doled what I hope will be my final "Happy New Year" of the new year. While people always seem to want to harp on how the holiday season seems to be creeping into the early fall months, I am more interested in the fact that the new year seems to slide well into January now. That said, for someone like myself, it's a procrastinators dream. We're three weeks into the New Year, the silly standard fare of resolutions have already been laid to rest- why don't we make some that actually stand a chance? If not, we'll have a good laugh over them in a few months as we celebrate the fact that we're pretty alright now anyways...


SJ Purely out of peer pressure, I committed to doing a Mud Run. Running and muddiness.  I feel like my body betrayed me when I committed.  I am scared, hesitant and yet 100% confident that I can tear this up given the right time/training/effort. 

 YOGA! more of it. It has proven to be a multi-taskers dream exercise. It's like therapy, stretching, and toning all in one. I leave feeling like I resolved some life issues and also, my ass is a little tighter- win win.

 Between late September and the holidays I slacked off on my mix of Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis and Ballet Beautiful. I was on a 6x/week schedule (wtf? am I insane?), and when I went on vacation in September and missed a few days the momentum totally died. To kick off January, I shot for 5x/week (uh, yeah. insanity confirmed). My resolution: no more of this all-or-nothing. I'll let myself be flexible about missing days—just forgive myself and keep moving! 


SJ I'm in bang purgatory!  The ever polished and perfect Ms. Obama isn't making my life any easier by making them look so good right now.  I either need to commit to growing them out or manage them.  

I have been lazy in this department, often leaving my apartment looking like the "before" half of a makeover show. I have resolved to take a few more minutes of planning and figuring out my hair cycle. With wavy hair you have to be thinking, "if I wash it this day and brush it out tomorrow it will be good for another day or so?," which has really equated to a frizzy nightmare. I am putting a little more love, care and heat into my tresses and so far, so good.

Katie Almost there! I resolved to get my damaged hair and stressed-out skin mastered, and I think I'm 90% there. I discovered a talented hairstylist who breathed new life into my shaggy strands, and I started using this miracle product bi-weekly. Even more life-changing was my discovery of Biologique Recherche skincare. My previously stressed, raw, and reactive skin is calm, clear, and—dare I say—glowing with the use of their Lotion P50 treatment and Crème Dermopurifiante.


SJ Figuring out (and mastering) exactly what I like has been a very important part of my growth as a lady adult. I don't think I took a lot of my own satisfaction into consideration until the last few years. I'm just committing to more of this. And often. :)

Greer Sometimes I have trouble concentrating, which also makes it hard to enjoy myself entirely. I need to make this more of a priority without worrying about it too much. Taking time to focus and reign in my mind so I can be fully present. Another great benefit of yoga- and remember that tighter ass I mentioned? That helps, too.

Katie The only hands that take me all the way are my boyfriend's. While I enjoy every moment of it, I don't like being dependent. My resolution: Get my own hands as skilled as his.


 SJ I would like to watch 30 movies from the Criterion Collection, read 10 books of my choosing and while we're being wildly aspirational- I'd like to become conversational in French.  After years in school, I should be further along than this. C'est pas de la tarte.

Greer Times on Sunday and watching old series of television before bed that were popular when I was too young to appreciate them. I want to read more, perhaps get into a particular author instead of always bopping around to every suggestion or borrowed paperback A little more research into my literary interests and the pursuit of being "well-read."

Katie I'm an iDevice junkie with 20 half-read Kindle books and months of back issues of Conde Nast digital publications. My resolution: You may expect me to say I'll actually finish reading this stuff, but I think it may be healthier to forgive myself. Life's busy. I'll catch up on vacation.

What were your resolutions? How have they worked out?

Let us know in the comments!

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