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We’ve been dying to attend one of the many amazing workshops and events at SHAG for a while now. This past Friday was the perfect opportunity, with the opening party for Aeric Meredith-Goujon’s new exhibition of erotic photography, Euphoria.

Helmed by women, SHAG is a company that seeks to unite sex and art, with a retail store in Brooklyn. The space is cool and inviting, successfully combining local artistry with high-end products for sexual experimentation and discovery.

                                            Shag Brooklyn... A Sexy Shop

Aeric’s work is displayed throughout the shop, letting you browse a little as you move between photographs. The curation choices are appealing, letting the products and photographs play off each other. An eye-catching photograph of a woman with a hand around her neck next to a vintage-style necklace invites unexpected connections and suggestive associations.

                   Shag ShopAeric Meredith Goujonimageforweb

Aeric is a Brooklyn-based photographer with a distinct style that revolves around “bodies in states of extreme activity.” Euphoria features images of people in moments of excruciating intensity and joy. Describing this collection, he explains how “there could be be something disturbing or frightening about these portraits, but the fact is, these people are all relishing in these acts.”

I am now the proud owner of Aeric’s book of past work titled “Shudder, Release.” And while many might balk at placing this on their coffee table, it’s a stunning collection that I intend to display prominently. Until my parents visit.

                                            Am Gphoto

Check out SHAG at weloveshag.com or go see Aeric’s work at 108 Roebling Street in Brooklyn. For more from Aeric, click here.

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