Combating Cabin Fever

I came across an article on how January is "the cruelest month" while grazing through the newspaper. It seems the internal clocks stored in DNA affect our perception of time and define the ways we interact with the planet and one another, which apparently is the most off balance in January. As someone who is susceptible to the winter woes, I am constantly looking for ways to keep myself busy, happy and afloat in these winter months. So let's beat the cold together, shall we?! Here are some of my go to's:

• Get out of the house and out of the weather! Museums, movies, book stores, even simply hanging in coffee shops are all great indoor excursions away from your home.

• Pamper yourself! Get a manicure/pedicure (or DIY), go to the spa, hit the bath house, just indulge a little and show yourself some extra love.

• Group activities give you a social rush. How about joining a trivia night? It's a chance to exercise your mind and your charm!

• Why not try something new? Now is a great time to experiment with those navy blue highlights you've always felt would look just right.  Or maybe some faux fringe would be fun? If the results are a bummer, you have a great excuse to expand your hat collection!

• Work out those winter demons! Pick up a new exercise routine you've been curious about trying. Ever tried Flywheel? Bar Method? Hot yoga? Now's the time! As a wise woman once said "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't kill their husbands."

• Speaking of endorphins... want a quick hit? Masturbate. It's a healthy activity that releases tension and reduces stress. Like you needed an excuse ;)

• See a comedy show. Laughter feels good. So obvious. So effective. 

• Pick up a new skill. Always been curious about woodworking? Creative writing? Learning Swahili? Whatever it is, picking up new skills or brushing up on old ones is fun and enriching and makes us feel great.

Do you have a unique and effective way to conquer the "stay in bed all day" blues? Sharing is caring!


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