A Dating-ish Valentines Day

Ahhh yes, Valentine's Day is approaching. As a girl who is typically dating someone new right around now, (funny how the year creates these cycles) Valentine's Day has always been a bit of a curious time. It can be tricky starting a new relationship in the midst of a romantic holiday, when in your own romantic life you may be holding your hand of cards close, not really sure where things are headed.

The key is to figure out what is appropriate when you just start dating someone around Valentine's Day, and most importantly, what will make you feel the best about where you're at. This decision seems to depend on how long you have been seeing each other. If it has been a few dates, and you feel comfortable even acknowledging that there is in fact a Valentine's Day, then I say...do something. Is it a "Happy V-day" text? It's a little subdued, but it could work. For those willing to see their new love interest face to face on the 14th, I like the idea of planning a date that is completely unconventional for Valentine's Day. Go shoot pool, do a wacky activity, be a tourist in your own town, see some comedy, and keep it light! 

For those at the stage of showing their new lover how they feel romantically and sexually towards them, Valentine's Day could be a great time to unveil a little of what you are into. You just started dating and no one has fully opened up, so why not introduce a little of what dating you may be like in the bedroom. Depending on your level of comfort, this could range from introducing a new sex toy, to lighting a massage candle and simply appreciating each others bodies. There is no need to put the pressure on, but at the same time, as cliched as Valentine's Day is, it can be a nice awakening for that romantic side that often gets lost in the stress of life and utter confusion of dating.

Over all remain calm, and frankly, don't worrying too much about romantic holidays. There are times when you will be with someone, and times when you won't. Let it be a day of loving love—all types, or the possibility of love with someone new. It's an exciting time and the reason dating can be so utterly thrilling (it may even make your friends in serious relationships a little jealous)!



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