Cosmic Love

A few years ago, a friend shared this amazing story from Radiolab featuring an interview with author and activist Annie Druyan.

I find myself returning to it every year around Valentine's Day.  In the piece, she discussed her relationship with Carl Sagan and the circumstances behind their wildly brief and eyebrow raising courtship.  The interview also reflects on the story behind the assembly of the Voyager Golden Record.   While the story of Annie and Carl isn't without flaw, there is significant overlap when we examine their story and that of the Golden Record (phonograph records containing audio and visual representations of life on earth that were sent aboard the Voyager Spacecraft.)  The truth is, their story is a realistic depiction in itself of life and our relationships on earth- imperfect, complex and yet beautiful and worthwhile.  Annie and Carl were together until his death in 1996.   Love, NPR and Sagan.  What could make for a more romantic Valentine's Day, eh? I hope you enjoy this story as much as I do.


Sarah Jayne

PS.  If you're curious to learn more about the Voyager Golden Record, Smithsonian wrote a nice little piece about it last year.  Also, check out the piece of Chinese music she discusses, Flowing Streams in its entirety.  

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