Brunch Conversation

A few stories and happenings from this past week that struck our fancy...

-Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and all that is right with the world Vs. Taylor Swift. Best of luck, Tay!

-"50% of people in the US believe a woman should be legally required to change her name ." Did my throat just close? It's hot in here...I think I'm in the place Taylor Swift suggested Amy Poehler is going.

-Bang With Friends is rolling out a new SXSW app and will be teaming up with Cindy Gallop of for her panel.

-The trailer for Sofia Copolla's summer film Bling Ring was released and it looks dope! 

-There is a EU proposal to ban porn in order to "eliminate gender stereotypes." Where's my fainting couch? I'm going to set it on fire...

-And worthwhile:  a transcript of President Obama's speech at the dedication of the Rosa Parks statue at the Capitol. Parks is the first African American woman to have her likeness depicted in National Statuary Hall.

-Sheryl Sandberg (and Chelsea Clinton!) will be speaking on all things Lean In at the Union Square Barnes and Noble this Tuesday!

-Oh!  And Five Things You Don't Know About Daylight Savings...or 5 things you forgot the second they were told to you in October...

Happy brunching!  (remember, hydration is key)

Whatcha think?

Please don't be mean :-)

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